Stylish Fonts

This is the stylish font generator. This tool converts text you type into the stylish font which can be posted to Google+, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else, even on desktop instant messengers like MSN Messenger, Yahoo messenger or Skype. Instructions for using the generator are below the font list but it shouldn't be too complicated. We will be adding more fonts over time. Please tell all your friends about Font General!

Select Stylish Font:

Instructions for posting text with new Facebook stylish fonts:
  1. First write a few words in the input field on top of the page. Write this text in normal font, this is the text which will be converted into stylish font.
  2. Now select one of the stylish fonts from the list. Next to each font name there is also a short example of how the text will look like after styling.
  3. Click the Convert button.
  4. Now the stylish text will show on top of the page. Below the text there are buttons for posting text directly to social networks.