Browse our collection of beautiful Facebook ASCII art. This images can be posted to statuses, comments and everywhere because they are only the collection of different ASCII characters and therefore can be used anywhere you wish. You don't even need any browser addons or toolbars for ASCII art to work, it works out-of-the-box. If you have something we don't have in our collection please write it in our comment box at the bottom of this page and we will put it on this page. Please note that Facebook status allows only up to 420 characters so you won't be able to put all of these into status but you can use them all in Facebook comments.

Instructions: Copy Art with your mouse, right-click it and click Copy, then click the blue Facebook button on the left and Paste into the input box.
Instructions for posting ASCII art to Facebook:
  1. Select art you wish to post with your mouse.
  2. Right click it and click Copy.
  3. Click the blue Facebook button to post art to your Facebook status.
  4. If you wish to post it as a comment Paste it to comment input box on Facebook.